Topics: Nutrition, Soy milk, Milk Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Performance Assessment Task
Spencer Campbell, John Johnson, Lauren Skinner, Nikitha Gubbi, Dalton Wu 9/25/12
Period 5-6
Vegan Lifestyle

Having a vegan lifestyle, while having a balanced diet is healthy, and possible. Usually you get your protein from red meat. However, you will need to find another source. Nuts, beans, and seeds are a great source of protein. To gain carbohydrates, you can consume any wheat products like bread and pasta. Foods like nuts, especially cashews, and oils are an excellent source of lipids. Calcium is very important in all diets; however you cannot drink regular milk. Soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc. and leafy greens such as collard greens can provide calcium. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and soy beans all contain potassium. You can consume sodium from virtually anything that contains salt. Fiber is another essential item that you need. Peas, lenta, blaca beans, and fruits all contain fiber. Fruits and cocoa beans contain natural sugars. In order to consume any nutrient or vitamins that you do no t get from the foods you eat, you can take pills and vitamins. Therefore, having a vegan lifestyle can still be healthy.

Termite and Worm Problem

Dear Zookeeper,
I have recently noticed that our soil contains far fewer worms and termites than earlier in the year. This is a problem because the worms and termites decompose dead organisms and turn them into inorganic forms which are used by producers. The animals then eat the producers. Since we have fewer worms and termites to decompose, the producers have less inorganic forms to take in. If there are less producers, this will cause less food for each of the other consumers. This would cause the entire food web to collapse because each level is getting less food to eat. If these animals die this would result in loss of visitors to the zoo. Why you may ask? The animals are the reason everyone visits the zoo. Without animals, we have no visitors which will result in less...
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