Maintaining Quality Standards in the Health Sector

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Unit 5: Maintaining quality standards in the health sector Assessment

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Please note that this Assessment has 6 pages and is made up of 3 Sections.


Section 1: Know how legislation, policies and procedures determine quality standards of work

1. Using the table below, identify how quality standards link to legislation, policy and procedures in your current health sector organisation (or one that you know well). Legislation
Key point
Which policy is affected by the legislation?
Which quality standard does it affect in your organisation, and how? The Data Protection Act 1998
Controls how personal information is used.

The confidentiality NHS code of practice.
Data protection and personal information fair process policy. Individual passwords for each member of staff which are kept secret. Conversations regarding personal information should be held in private and ensure not overheard. Share information only with those who need to know.

Only collect necessary information

2. Describe how personal attitudes and behaviours in your current health sector role (or one that you know well) impact on the quality of service in your organisation. Attitude/behaviour
How does it impact on your role?
Active listening.

Good for staff to listen to each other and patients. It makes an individual feel valued and that their opinion matters. Able to obtain information we need as patients more willing to share information if we are listening to them. Aggressive

If a patient is aggressive it will stop them receiving the treatment they need. The staff will become frightened and unable to work at their best. Ii staff are aggressive to patients it will also stop them getting the treatment they need and will probably be reluctant to come into the department again. Friendly

Staff will work better as a team if they are all friendly. Will result in good communication between them and a positive effect on in the area they work. Patients will feel more at ease in a friendly environment.

Colleagues will lose confidence in you.
Managers will not trust you to carry out set tasks effectively. You will lose confidence in yourself and wont enjoy your job.

Section 2: Know the limits of your own expertise and knowledge and when to refer to others

1a.Use the space below to describe what is meant by being competent.

A person who is able to do their job effectively.

Combining knowledge, skills and behaviour to perform any task to a high standard and in good time.

1b.In the table below, describe the competencies needed for your job role (or one that you know well). If you’re currently seeking employment, you could base your answer on a role that you would like to apply for. Give examples of the competencies you are expected to have and how you meet these competencies. Job role:

How do you meet this competency?
Communication skills

Able to communicate effectively with patient and staff on all levels from cleaners to executives. Able to use many different forms of communication verbal, written and visual. Good hygiene

Always smart, clean and presentable.
Use good practice washing hands and sanitiser when required through the day. Flexability

Work across 5 different departments completing a range of tasks to a high standard. Working with the rest of the team to cover extended hours and weekends. Adapting to...
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