Job Satisfaction

Topics: Construction, Project management, Employment Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: March 28, 2006
Job Satisfaction Essay

In the following essay I will discuss how I motivate myself and others to be productive. Further I will also describe how I keep myself satisfied in my job. In my current work environment I am a construction Project Coordinator, which a step below a Project Manager. My present duties are mainly administrative in nature, and require the coordination of activities under the supervision of a Project Manager. The construction industry is booming in British Columbia and the demand for skilled and unskilled workers has never been higher, the Olympics are the main reason. Because of this boom employers do their best to provide high salaries and excellent benefits. I personally stay motivated in my present job quit easily these days since my field of work is on a all time high at present, I really have no time to worry about anything besides getting the job finished. I surely stay motivated by the fact that my salary keeps up with demand since employers are worried these days to loose workers. This doesn't mean workers should slack off. Further more I feel motivated in my present company because I also have a good relationship with my superior, and the work team are easy going, and go the extra mile to help one another out in tough situations. Everyday as I wake up I have the company's current project in mind and stay focused and motivated for the day's tasks on hand. From the time I arrive at work I stay motivated, knowing that my work team is well organized and there is a constant flow of communication between us, this includes getting feedback regarding my performance from my manager on a monthly basis. Having this type of communication with your manager is vital to job satisfaction and motivation, it tells you that you are an important part of the team, and are required. This in turn is great for one's self esteem, and the by product is greater production in the field. The dividends are many fold. Although my...
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