Motivation in the Workplace and Elements of Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Management Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Week 3, Assignment A1
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Motivation in the Workplace and The Elements of Motivation

This essay addresses the elements of motivation. The following states a major challenge that has developed within my organization, defines the challenge and then shows how the challenge was correctly administered using modern day motivational concepts and techniques. This writing will illustrate how the issue was successfully handled within my company, along with the ensuing results. Further, it will show the challenge as it relates to readings assigned over the past week, as well as cite outside sources as each relates to motivational theory. Researchers and scholars alike view motivation as “that process that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of efforts toward attaining ones goals.” Simply stated, “motivation is those attributes that accounts for individuals intensity, direction, and persistence of efforts toward attaining one’s goals.” In the private sector, companies thrive to have well-motivated employees. Motivated employees work harder, are likely to produce a higher quality of work, are less liable to take time off from work and are more likely to stay with their employor longer. Motivated employees make better employees. At the end of each year my company administers bonuses to top management personnel, normally after the company’s books are closed for the year. The bonuses are administered and accompanied by a performance review. However, it is company policy that an employee “review” does not mean a bonus or pay increase. The bonuses are qualitative in nature and are distributed in an arbitrary fashion. Bonuses are based on measured goals and objectives set forth at the beginning of the same year. However, all too often the bonuses end up a factor of what top management feels should be distributed. There are little or no quantitative elements driving the payout. The problem with...
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