Money Is Not Everything

Topics: Motivation, Job satisfaction, Person, Personality psychology, Psychology, The Opportunity / Pages: 2 (467 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2010
In fact, poverty is currently one of the major issues in the world. People tend to choose job that has higher salary they can find in order to earn more money for them to spend on, because they think money is everything. Even thought money gives people the opportunity to buy what they need, it does not buy happiness. Job satisfactions are becoming more crucial to achieve happiness in people’s life. Happiness through jobs can be achieved if people choose the job according to their personality and interest in order for them to use their skills and abilities, and sometimes if the job can be done effortless, people tend to encounter boredom and eventually lose motivation.
When some people graduated from high school, they choose specific subject field in the university to study. One reason to this is because it gives them the opportunity to establish more understanding and knowledge to what they are interested in for their future career. For example, a graduate law student would most likely want to enter a law related job instead of forestry. People establish skills from what they learned. People also become more active if they are able to work on a task that they are interested on. According to John Holland’s personality-job fit theory, job satisfaction is based on a person’s interest. Their interests came from different types of personality they have. People will ultimately be successfully if they choose a job that best suits their talents and abilities. Therefore, being successful will lead them to a higher-paying job that gives them pleasure.
Some people may be luckily enough to have a job that does not require much of an effort but still pays high. However, in a short while, these people might find that they are losing motivations, because of the continuous effortlessly tasks to be done. Motivations play a very important role in job. Without motivations, people’s performance will greatly decrease. Also, people will start losing their teamwork spirit and

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