Job Applicantion

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Part I
Job Application
– delivering personal message

Part I

Chapter One

Principles of a good resume :
1. personal : YOUR strength and qualification
2. focused : Hiring Company’s need
3. organized : Format of YOUR experience and accomplishments

You + Focused Objective + Format = A Unique Resume about You

Work before writing a resume
Do research on the company and the position you are interested in.

Rules to follow
1. limited to one page.
2. easy to read.
3. with clear focus.

Exercises of developing your personal resume:
Exercise 1 – Know yourself
1. Describe yourself with three (3 only) adjectives:
(* refer to appendix of adjectives)

1. _______________________________
2. _______________________________
3. _______________________________

2. Illustrate your 3 adjectives with examples:
Be specific.
Try to include as many details as possible.
I am patient. When I was preparing for the entrance exam of the graduate program, I had to finish reading a thick textbook about politics and philosophy, which was a text for a required exam named Politics. The book was really boring with a lot of meaningless content to me. But I had to take the exam and won a high score. I scheduled myself two hours reading every day to get the sense out of it. Given the fact that I was working full time and exhausted after work, I did it with patience no matter how late I came home, or how tempting for me to take a rest. My patience finally paid off. I got a very high score on this exam and was admitted by the graduate program as the top ten students with full-time scholarship.

Exercise 2 – Identify your career objective
(* refer to appendix of job titles).
My career objective is the marketing specialist of a real estate business.


job may include collecting information of the real estate market, collecting information of competitors’ promotion activities, analyzing the information collected to form sales plans for the company product, presenting the plan to superiors,…

Questions to identify your career objective:
2-1 What business category do you plan to get into?
* Refer to Appendix II - Business Categories


What is your career objective?
* The answer should include the position and the division
* Refer to Appendix II – Organization
* Refer to Appendix III – Job titles


What can be the content of this job?
* Be as specific as possible


What kind of personality may be required by this job?
* Refer to Appendix I – Adjectives

Exercise 3 – List your experience and achievement in activities or work Work you’ve been involved in clubs, associations, companies, or organizations.

___________________________________ (job title)
Work content:
1. _______________________________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________

Exercise 4 – Cross examine your information:
Relate these three aspects

My Personality

My Job Objective

Work I’ve Done

Questions for you to modify the above information
How does my personality relate with my career objective?
How does the work I’ve done reveal my personality?
How does the work I’ve done relate with my job objective?

Exercise 5 – Fill your information in the resume format.
Resume Format:
_______________ (Name, font 14, bold)
_______________________ (address, font 12)
__________________ (phone number)
__________________ (email)
Career Objective: ___________________________
Summary of Qualifications
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