Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is probably one of the most talked about athletes in the NBA today and his name keeps getting bigger and bigger each day. With all of his extensive publicity Jeremy Lin has a great deal of weight on his shoulder only to be become heavier as time goes by. Many critics and commentators have anticipated Jeremy Lin’s fame to only exist because of his race and ethnicity; others believe that his success in the NBA is earned. Although Lin’s is young and apprehensive, and probably striving for greatness, he still has a ton of obstacles he has to overcome before he can be himself again in the NBA. Jeremy’s popularity has not only influenced fans and other advocates but his story has also a major issue in the political race. Jeremy Lin’s story is one that is very captivating and intriguing and it has an effect on the entire world.

Jeremy Shu-How Lin, who was actually born in Los Angeles, California, was born on August 23, 1988 to parents Gie-Ming and Shirley. Lin’s parents, who have a multiple citizenship in both Taiwan and the United States, emigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the mid-1970s hoping for a better life for themselves. Lin’s parent both were five feet six inches but his maternal grandmother’s family was very tall, and her father was over six feet, I’m assuming that’s where he got his height from. Lin has an older brother named Josh and a younger brother named Joseph, all were taught how to play basketball by their father, Gie-Ming, at the local YMCA (Wikipedia). Jeremy attended Palo Alto High School; Jeremy made goods grades and was also the captain of the basketball team back in 2005. With all of the talent on the team, Jeremy stood out leading his team to a 32-1 record beating Mater Dei in the state title game. Even though Lin was a great basketball player in high school, he had a difficult time getting into college. Harvard and Brown were the only schools assuring Jeremy that he would play, but...

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