It 321 Network Technology and Service Integration

Topics: Class 4 telephone switch, Plain old telephone service, Class 5 telephone switch Pages: 3 (568 words) Published: October 14, 2012
IT 321 Network Technology and Service IntegrationIT 321 Network Technology and Service Integration Assignment 1-4
Review Questions Ch. 9 in Intro to Telecommunications

2. Define the following terms:
a. CPS-Central Processing System- the “brains” of the switch. The main functions of the CPS are global call processing, network control, signaling control, maintenance, and administration. It is responsible for system, recovery, software upgrades, storage of global routing information, and distribution of information to all subsystems. b. NCP- Network Control Processor- the mini brains of the switch. It is connected to the CPS and the line and trunk modules. It receives questions from the line and trunk units regarding call routing, feature requests, and so forth. c. ICS- Interface Controller- Interface between the NCP and the line modules. The IC sits between the switching fabric and the line or trunk modules and is used to connect the two. It can be considered the highway that is used to pass messages between the different modules cause it talks to the NCP. d. Trunk Module- The portion of the switch where the trunk circuits terminate. The y terminates trunks into the switch. Trunks arrive from other switches, and terminate at the trunk module. e. Line Module- The portion of the switch where the individual POTS lines terminates. The line module is the module that interfaces with the subscriber’s line. 3. Explain the difference between a tandem switch and a class 5 switch. f. The tandem switches main purpose is to switch trunks, routing them between class 5 switches. Many class 5 switches now have tandem switch capabilities blurring the line between class 4 and 5 switches. 4. Explain the difference between a tandem switch and a long distance switch. g. ..

5. Explain the difference between a long distance switch and an international switch. h. ..
6. Explain how a class 5 switch routes a...
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