Isokinetic Devices

Topics: Velocity, Kinematics, Speed Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What is Isokinetic
Isokinetic (n)  is a term used to describe a type of movement or exercise. Isokinetic or Isokinetics Definition:
The word isokinetic is most commonly used in sports science and medicine. In these settings isokinetic defines a type of exercise or movement. Isokinetic movement is actually the opposite of isotonic movement which is probably the easiest way to think of it. Isotonic movement is the most common type of movement we human beings perform: Isotonic movement:

In almost every situation, every day, we perform isotonic movements. In these types of movements we pick up a fixed weight, an empty pan basically anything that has weight. The weight of the pan is fixed but we decide how fast to lift it. We can lift it slow, fast, or anywhere in between. The key to this type of movement is we decide how fast it goes but the weight (resistance) remains constant. Isokinetic movement:

In isokinetic movements the situation is reversed now we tell an isokinetic machine (the dynomometer) to move only at a certain speed (normally described in degrees per second). The machine will then vary it's resistance against us to maintain that speed. This means if we push against the machine hard it will give back allot of resistance to maintain the speed it was told to go at. If we push or pull softly the machine reduces the weight to maintain the speed. To achieve isokinetic movement there are many different ways of developing the resistance, however, most people use an isokinetic device. Isokinetic devices are referred to as isokinetic machines and they vary vastly in technology and price. Most medical isokinetic machines are top of the range. They use a powerful motor to provide the isokinetic resistance to the force applied and then use a computer to keep the motion smooth, provide the acceleration and to record the results. In medical systems the components (the motor, gear box and computer control) are what make the machines so very expensive but they are...
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