Is There a Place for Religion in Today's Society?

Topics: Religion, God, Supernatural Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Religion is the belief of the existence of something sacred - be it God, Buddha or any other supernatural beings. And more importantly it is something that guides us in our life. Saying that religion has no place in today’s society is inapt. In any society, religion has been the root of compassion, love, forgiveness and morality and it won’t cease to exist as long as someone believes.

Most of the time the form of religion is often misunderstood. Some see it only as rituals and ceremonies and set of rules to be followed – what should be done and what should not. Take for instance the use of birth control so subdue over population. For Christian, they will see this as something sinful. This only led to others believing that religion is rigid, traditional, and close-minded and too controlling.

There is also a view that religion is illogical believing in something that we can’t see. As people become smarter they try to question the existence of god or any other creator. Science becomes the truth. It is logical and proves the existence of things through facts and studies. And something of supernatural entity like god does not exist. Hence, religion is wrong for believing in gods.

However science and religion are not opposites. Science seeks to understand and know things, basically the origin of all – meaning they believe in the existence of a creator and so does religion. If anything, science is proving the very existence of ‘god’. They are proving that god work in a scientific way. They might use different terms to address ‘god’ but the very thing that they are finding for the creator only proves that science and religion believe in the same thing. Religion believes and science proves it.

The mindset that religion is just rituals and ceremony and too traditional should be reconsidered. Today it is more than that. Some people don’t practice the tradition but they believe in the philosophy. What is important is to believe in and know what is important in...
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