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14 System Software and Application Software
Activity 1
Task 1

Pro and con

Drag the selected lines of text to the target
location using the mouse.

Pro: More intuitive method
Con: Require higher dexterity

Press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘X’ keys to cut the text. Move
the cursor to the target location. Press the ‘Ctrl’
and ‘V’ keys to paste the text.

Pro: Shortcut keys are used to
reduce operation time.
Con: Need to memorize shortcut

Click the ‘Cut’ button on the Ribbon and move
the cursor to the target location and click the
‘Paste’ button.

Pro: Users do not need to
memorize shortcut keys.
Con: A slower method than using
shortcut keys

Task 2

Pro and con

Click the ‘Close’ button at the top right corner of
the window.

Pro: A common method for most
of the Windows applications
Con: May close the application

Press ‘Close Word’ from the Office button.

Pro: Users do not need to
memorize shortcut keys.
Con: Only available for Office

Press the ‘Alt’ and ‘F4’ keys.

Pro: A common method for most
of the Windows applications
Con: Need to memorize shortcut

Right-click the Word tag on the Windows Taskbar
and select ‘Close’.

Pro: Users do not need to
memorize shortcut keys.
Con: A slower method than
shortcut keys

This can suit the working habits of different users.

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NSS ICT Compulsory Textbook Answers

Concept Map
1. G
2. F
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. D
7. E
8. H
Concept Checker
1. F
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T
Multiple Choice questions
1. B
2. A
3. C
4. C
5. A
6. D
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. D

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NSS ICT Compulsory Textbook Answers

Short Questions
1. Anti-virus software, (1) disk scanning program, (1) and data recovery program (or backup utility) (1)
Before performing any data recovery actions, it is necessary to check and remove any computer viruses to avoid further damages to the computer system. (1) Corrupted or damaged files can be identified and possibly be fixed by the disk scanning program. (1) In case that there are problem unable to resolve, we can use data recovery program or backup utility to get back the lost files from the backup file. (1)


(a) Bootstrap program (1)
(b) The bootstrap program recognizes and tests the computer hardware (1); and loads the operating system into the main memory. (1)
(c) ‧Transfer files between the main memory and the secondary storage devices.
‧Manage file folders.
‧Allocate the space for secondary storage devices.
‧Provide file protection and recovery.
(any three × 1)


Productivity software

Word processor

Spreadsheet / presentation program /
database / personal finance software
(any one × 0.5)


E-mail program / web browser / FTP program / instant

Multimedia software

Graphics program

messaging program (any two × 0.5)
Audio and video editing program / web
authoring software / computer-aided
design (CAD) software (any one × 0.5)

Entertainment software

Game program

Multimedia program (0.5)

Education software

Electronic dictionary / encyclopedia and reference program / self-learning program (any two × 0.5)

(all correct: 1)

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NSS ICT Compulsory Textbook Answers


(a) ‧Control peripheral devices.
‧Manage files and directories.
‧Allocate the main memory.
‧Coordinate network communications .
‧Provide a platform for application software.
(any four × 1)
(b) (i) Command-line interface requires less system resources to run. (1) (ii) Install more memory modules, replace the old display card with a high performance display card. (2)
(iii) GUI frees the users from learning complex command languages. (1)


(a) (i) Device driver (1)
(ii) Utility program (1)
(iii) Device driver (1)
(iv) Utility program (1)
(b) Windows Defender is an anti-virus program. (1) It detects and prevents the system from the attack of spyware and malware. (1)

Long Questions

(a) Different computer systems such as network server, workstation, home-use desktop computer and mobile computing device require operating systems with different characteristics and functions. (2)

(b) ‧Not many application software/device drivers are developed for Linux. ‧Computer manufacturers have contracts with Microsoft Windows such that shipped computers have Microsoft Windows pre-installed. ‧Microsoft Windows have more extensive customer support than Linux. (any two × 2)

(c) Keyboard / mouse / USB controller / ATA controller / infra-red / Bluetooth / generic display card
(any six × 1)

© Pearson Education Asia Limited 2009


NSS ICT Compulsory Textbook Answers


(a) ‧The hard disk is highly fragmented.
‧The hard disk contains corrupted files.
‧Some start-up programs are damaged or missed.
‧The computer is infected by malware.
‧The hard disk is running out of free space.
(any three × 1)
(b) ‧Use disk defragmenter to combine fragments into contiguous files. ‧Use disk scanning program to amend or delete corrupted files. ‧Use program uninstaller to remove damaged startup programs and reinstall again.

‧Clean up the computer with anti-virus software.
‧Use file compression utility to free up more hard disk space. (any corresponding three × 1)
(c) Operating system (1) and all device drivers (optionally utility programs such as anti-virus software) (1)
(d) DiskImage / Norton Ghost. (any one × 1)
Peter should use the backup utility immediately to make a copy of the current system (1). In case the system has been corrupted again, Peter can use the backup utility program to recover the system with the backup image. (2)

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NSS ICT Compulsory Textbook Answers

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