Counterfeit Brands
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Why people buy counterfeit brands

First of all it is important to say that there are two types of counterfeit product purchases by consumers. Deceptive counterfeiting takes place where the consumer does not know that they have purchased a counterfeit product. In contrast, non-deceptive purchases of counterfeit products take place where the consumer willingly buys the counterfeit products. We’re dealing here with the latter type of purchase. If lawmakers and the producers of genuine branded goods want to take action against counterfeits as well as dealing with the suppliers they may need to consider why the demand exists. Much in the same way as health campaigns against cigarette smoking were based on understanding the various reasons why people smoke, so it is also clear that the consumption of counterfeits is a complex activity which has many causes that need to be understood.
There has been a significant amount of research into why people buy counterfeit brands and the types of people who may be more willing to buy them. Unsurprisingly people who have relatively little regard for the law will be more likely to purchase counterfeit products. Also people who have negative attitudes towards big business are more likely to buy counterfeit products. This may be because they feel that genuine brands charge unfair prices, those people who see themselves as being shrewd shoppers willing and able to beat the system may also be more likely to buy counterfeits. Counterfeits may also appeal to those people who want to demonstrate their status, but don’t have the funds to do so with genuine products. Another factor that may encourage counterfeit consumption is where people are curious and want to experiment. Some people are also comfortable with taking risks and doing something that is illegal may not be a problem.
"an individual’s crime may not be obvious to those around them"
As an illegal activity, what is peculiar about buying and using fake brands is that this is

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