Apollo 11: Fake or Not?

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Apollo 13: Fake or not?

Jim Johnson

English III
Cheryl Hansen
March 17, 2011

Apollo 11: Fake or not?
Some people believe that the landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969 was a hoax, lots of people say it was fake because the flag was waving and there is no wind on the moon. People say this flag was made of a hard substance, so that it would wave and look patriotic. The reason that they had this mission was only to have the first manned moon landing, and they succeeded on that goal. Neil Armstrong was the commander on the mission, Michael Collins was the command module pilot, and Edwin Aldrin was the lunar module pilot. The questions being answered in my essay will be these: 1. What sort of things did they bring back from the Moon? 2. What are some examples of suspected hoaxes?

3. Are these accusations wrong generally?
4. Who is on NASA’s side?

What Sort Of Things Did They Bring Back From The Moon?
They collected 21.7 kg of moon rock for samples while they were up there. The ship was called the U.S.S Hornet, and they spent 195 hours, 18 minutes, and 35 seconds from the time that they lifted off until the time that they landed. These men were all very brave, considering that there had already been a few failed launches by other countries, and they were in great danger when they decided to go, because one screw up in the structure could cause the ship to explode, or throw them off course. It has been 42 years since the mission took place. They had decided to launch the ship just months before the launch actually took place. The launch was so dangerous that when they launched the ship, the V.I.P members were seated three and a half miles from the actual launch pad. Also, the computers on the Apollo 11 had less processing power than the average cell phone. They gave the men an anti-diarrhea drug so that they wouldn’t have problems on the ship, because they hadn’t figured...

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