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According to studies playing video games is not the best indoor activity there is, it is correlated to aggression problems, but it is not only bad for you; it enhances both decision making and reaction times at people. In this article I will describe the situations from the gamers point of view as well as how I got into this endless circle of addiction to fictional video games.

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Positive effects
Aggression problems

Computer games are becoming more popular than ever before, with companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games pushing the e-Sport (electronic sports) scene beyond what thought possible. There are people who live off gaming, playing tournaments streamed via various website with hundred thousands of live viewers. These professional gamers become peoples role models, just like in any other sport. When I was younger my biggest role model was Johan Petersson from the Swedish handball team; obviously, seen from a parents and strict strategic point of view, this is a better role model than Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis (a professional gamer and my current role model).

When I was young, what do you think my biggest goal was? To become what Johan Peterson is, in my opinion by far the best right wing (right wing is a position in handball where J. P played) in all of Sweden. So what do you think I did when I could? I played handball, I went outside the house and threw my handball at the garage port get better. Implement this in todays society where a lot of peoples role models are professional gamers. Is this a problem? Will this affect us, the society, in a bad way? Will this create bad habits?

I started playing computer games when I was about six years old, not knowing what I was doing I was “playing” Age of Empire. Playing games was not a big deal back then, it was just an activity I did between going to school, playing handball and hanging out with friends. When I was about ten to thirteen years old me and my friends went down to the internet café and played together for a couple of hours each week. These trips to the internet café started happening way more often and for longer periods. Me and my brother started telling our dad were taking a ride with our bicycles when we actually went to the internet café instead. During this time I had been very serious about my handball as well. We had qualified and did pretty good in all tournaments that we competed in, even the Swedish Championship for our age and since I was the only left-handed in our team, there was nothing or no one that could stop me from getting picked to the teams.

Then Blizzard Entertainment released their new game, that would be the beginning of the e-Sport scene: “World of Warcraft”. They said this game would be awesome, it would be the best online game of all time. Due to its constant updates of the game and maintenance of servers the games cost was about 13 USD per month. As you all know, being thirteen years old is not really the best time of your life financially. For me it was just the time between when my father paid for everything and when my father gave me X amount of money a month to pay for everything. Therefore me and my brother decided to share an account, we then had to make rules where you can only play for one hour and then you have to let the other person play for one hour and so on.

We soon discovered that having one account each would be way more fun, because then we could play with each other! We quickly convinced dad to buy a second computer and we got another account for the game. This created brother rivalry; who was the better one? I could not be worse than my brother at gaming because he was the younger one. So I started playing in the mornings before school, it did not matter if it was...
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