IOS Vs Android

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iOS VS Android
It’s the time to choose your religion…..
Buy a smartphone base on the operating system.

It is the very controversial topic in the constant grows technology society. iOS and Android with great ideas have studied the average consumers. The companies are finding endless ways to improve a smartphone’s operating system. If you are looking for a smartphone, it not an easy task to deal with. Since, both companies provide a unique, joyful and high efficiency feature and specification. Here are the key differences in Interface, security and app available, to help examine and decide which smartphones fit you the best.

IPhone’s iOS and android use touch screen and have a lot of similarities in between. Both operating systems contain gesture command of swiping and tapping. First, the phones are different in classification of interface or “Home Page”. IPhone’s iOS interface provides simple and straight forward icons that stated in home page. iOS users are capable to have a faster accession into the applications of iPhone. Although either system stated the status bar run across on top and giving valuable information such as Wi-Fi signal, Battery life, and time. Android interface allows the use of widget. Which Android is spontaneously displaying updated information of emails, unread messages and weather on the home page. As a both systems user perspectives, iOS creates a system that suited well to everyone. Especially, it is easy to use, understandable and shows user friendly. Android provides a diversity of widgets and codes, which allows the users to customize their own phone. A system that is capable to fit the user’s will exclusively.

Nowadays society, your smartphone goes almost everywhere with you. Along the way, smartphone collects all the kind of personal information of you, such as pictures, finical accounts and messages. Thus, the secretive of smartphone is definitely worth users to pay attention of. Android is...
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