Android Phones VS Apple IOS Phones

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Android Phones VS Apple IOS Phones
According to the latest data, Google’s Android platform commands 39% t of the US mobile phone market. In contrast, the Apple IOS system commands 28% market share (IDC, 2013.11), two companies control 67% of the US mobile phone market. There is no doubt that these two systems are the most competitive operating systems in the world. A comparison and contrast of the Android and IOS systems can be made regarding branding, product features, and security. Respective brands of Android and IOS

As an open source platform, the Android system is utilized by a variety of mobile device manufactures, including Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Nokia, and LG. The first commercially available phone to run Android was the HTC Dream, and at present the most famous brand running the Android system is Samsung. Samsung has used Android since 2009, utilizing it in their best-selling Galaxy Note series. Apple’s IOS system is a private platform, available only to Apple for the exclusive use of their own product line. It provides major updates to the IOS operating system exclusively through iTunes. As of March 2013, Android's share of the global smartphone market, led by the Samsung line of products, was 64%. According to the latest data by IDC on November 12, 2013, Android's share of the smartphone market has exceeded 80% leaving the Apple IOS system with a 12.9 percent market share, (IDC, 2013.11).

Product features
1. Price. Compared to the price of an iPhones, Android phone prices are variable and often more affordable. For example, there are 76 different Samsung Android phones models on the official Samsung website. The highest rated one is the Galaxy S4, priced at $549 dollars, while the least expensive one, the Galaxy Metrix 4G, costs only $49.99 dollars. For iPhones, there are only 6 models available on the market, the model with the lowest price point is the iPhone 4S, with a price tag of $450 dollars, and the most expensive...

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