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Topics: IPhone, Multi-touch, App Store Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: October 8, 2013

Comparison between IOS and Android
Shivakumar Siddagoni
Wilmington University

Comparison between IOS and Android Tablets were introduced in the market during April 2010 .In fact, they were in the market for around two decades but their usage was well known after the release of apple I-Pad. It functions on the same operating system that of the i-phone i.e IOS. The tablets are simple electronic devices, they are portable with built in controls. It has touch screen interface and appears to be a touch mobile with big screen size. I-pad was launched by apple and lot of tablets models were released by various companies like Samsung note, Motorola zoom etc. this tablets were built with an operating system called android. These are enabled with touch screen interface, which is very useful for the user to handle it with a tap of the finger, scroll screen and we can swipe gesture with hands. Both apple and android manufactures offer various applications in the open market sources, apple has istore where an user can download an application and can install in his device likewise android has a play store to download and installation of applications where in both istore and android an user can directly download apps for free or some may be charged accordingly. Initially when tablets were released in the market android app store was nearly empty but it is very huge now having around 40 billion applications in Google play store where as in apple istore there are lot of applications when they had released and the count increased gradually after. However there is lot of difference between how apple handles apps and how android handles the apps. Apple only allows apps to be sold through its online app store and they approve every app before it can go on sale. In contrast Android devices use open model where anyone can release an android app and nobody has to get stamp of...
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