Ios vs Android

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iOS vs. Android
There will always be a controversy over the two giants-Android and iOS(iPhone Operating System). Of course they are both great platforms that run on the vast majority of devices on the market but at the same time absolutely different from each other. “What are the differences between Google-based Android and Apple’s iOS?” is the main concern that a new to these operating systems users will ask. Before buying a new gadget, it’s indispensible to consider differences in stability, availability and customizability of both platforms. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors. First of all, a wide range of Google-based smartphones and tablets is available at the most electronic retailers. All devices vary from their brand, display, camera and materials they made with. It means that we can find two completely different brands, for example, which one of them will be bigger in display size, whereas another will have relatively slower processor; in fact, they will run identically the same operating system. Unlike with the Android, the whole line of iOS phones and tabloids is differentiated by color and capacity only. It means that for the most part all features are the same. However, radically thin and light design of the latest Apple products catches buyers’ eyes for its grace, elegance and supreme shape regardless of limited choice. Secondly, ability to customize an interface might stagger users with the features that carry Android gadget. More specified and detailed OS with tons of functionalities allows users to tweak various buttons, change fonts, layouts and keyboard. Openness is the hallmark of Android OS. To top it off, thousands of downloadable widgets will get Android users’ phones to the next level of customization. In contrast, Apple OS ultimately restricts their users from changing an interface; there is no freedom at all. Although there are mandatory restrictions for the basic customization on Apple’s OS like home-screen mechanics,...
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