Introduction Occu[Pational Burnout

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Burnout is a psychological response to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. It is a situation in which a person feels exhausted, hopeless, indifferent, and believe that there is nothing for them in the future. With many professionals working round the clock burnout has become an issue of serious concern. Professional staff and corporate mass often spend considerable amount of time working and interacting with other people resulting in rise of burnout cases. It is also associated with workplace factors such as increased regulation, role conflict, work overload and role ambiguity, as well as individual characteristics such as one’s ability to cope with these workplace influences. Burnout is the reason for emotional exhaustion as well. As emotional and psychological depletion occurs workers are less productive, disruptive too, in many situations, resulting in corporate losses on large scale.


Organizational Burnout was totally unheard of prior to 1970’s. But once research on it was initiated by Christina Maslach in 1970 it became a topic of interest for many psychologists. During the 1970’s the research was mostly based on case studies and theoretical considerations whereas at the current stage it is based on hypothesis testing prospective studies.The major themes and issued covered by Burnout have been shaped by the type of research burnout. The history of Burnout has gone through the following phases:

The Pioneering Phase:

In this phase the goal was to articulate the phenomena of Burnout. The research and studies were exclusively carried out in the United States. Initial articles were published during mid 1970’s, by Freudenberger in 1975, a physiatrist and Maslach in 1976, a social physiologist. This early writing was based upon interviews conducted with people working in public services like nurses, firemen etc. It was Freudenberger who coined the term: Burnout. The clinical and social...
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