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I was interviewing my high school biology teacher Mrs. ******* on Tuesday Oct. 23, 2012 at 11:15am. The place where we had an interview was a ******** which is located on 1************ Newmarket, Ontario ; Phone number is: (******ext. 321 (science department). We talked about some of her background information, her education, and some skills that she is using to be a great teacher. Mrs. Parnham was a teacher in three schools which are: Alexander Mackenzie High School, Milliken Mills High School, and Dr. John M. Denison Secondary School. Mrs. Parnham has a Degree and Honors Degree in Bio Chemistry (Bsci), also she completed BEd (education that every teacher needs), Mrs. Parnham was teaching math once, but she is a science teacher. “I teach mostly biology and science for grade 9th and 10th.” When I asked Mrs. Parnham if she has any other duties in school other than teaching she said: “I was doing cross country coach, track and field coach, Denison Student Counsel Advisor, link crew advisor, CIA (character and action) advisor.” I was a student in Mrs. Parnham’s class and I can tell that she is a great teacher. “Patience, organization knowledge of what you teaching, ability to explain something, firm fair consistence, and most important enthusiasm” she uses these skills and that’s what makes her students get good grades, and knowledge of the subject. I asked about general working conditions she said: “Terrible” she said it as a joke, but who knows maybe she doesn’t like the conditions. Also Mrs. Parnham said: “busy, always under the dead line, lots of variety (unexpected things like be someone’s reference, interview with Kseniya). Lots of marking, have to be able to build great relationship with students and co-workers.” My last question for her was “What are your least and most enjoyable aspects of the job?” Mrs. Parnham answered: “My most enjoyable part is: lots of interaction with people, I can develop great relationships with students, and my least: is marking...
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