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1. You have a number of extra-curricular activities listed on your resume. Are there any associations to which you belong?

Answer: An interviewer can ask interviewee if they're a member of any professional, trade groups or other organizations that belong to consider relevant to their ability to perform particular job but It's inappropriate for an interviewer to ask whether interviewee are affiliated with or are a member of any political, social, or religious groups-including unions.

2. Tell me about a time you were faced with a tight deadline that you weren’t able to meet. What was the outcome of that situation?

Answer: It’s appropriate to ask such question. It helps interviewer to understand interviewee’s attitude and approach towards the tight deadline situation and their ability of work in pressure through their experience.

3. Why did you leave your last position?

Answer: It’s appropriate to ask why they left their last position but it will be inappropriate if they were laid off from their last job. It’s personal matter between interviewee and their previous company where they worked. It is also illegal to inquire about reason for loss of their job.

4. Are you planning to take any other classes or completing any other certification or designation that will assist you in your career growth?

Answer: It’s appropriate to ask interviewee about their other classes and field related studies which will help interviewer to get idea about interviewee’s future assistance towards company.

5. Do you have arrangements made for the care of your child while you are at work?

Answer: It’s Illegal to ask such questions and do family inquiries. Mostly such questions are asked to women. Such information has been used to discriminate against women, which is clearly unlawful. If the employer’s concern about standard work participation, an improved inquiry would be, "Is there anything that might meddle with general...
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