Faculty Interview1

Topics: Nurse, Education, Nursing, Nursing shortage, Learning / Pages: 4 (1082 words) / Published: Jun 1st, 2015
Faculty Interview
Tonya Reed
HSN/548 – Role of the Health Care/Nursing Educator
April 28, 2015
Stephanie Vaughn

Faculty Interview
The health care industry is facing multiple changes today. The change in legislation regarding mandatory health care and the regulation of health care further compromises the existing nursing shortage. Amid this shortage of nurses increases the demands for nursing educators. The obligation of the nurse educator extends beyond teaching the student. Educators must change the focus for the result of learning to foster retention of knowledge. The objective of this paper is to provide a brief insight of an interview describing the role of the faculty member and the preparation needed for the role. It will also compare and contrast the literature review with the findings from the nurse educator interview.
The Role of Faculty Member

The nurse educator has a significant role and responsibility for assuring quality informative skills are obtained, which directs the nursing staff for an evolving health care environment. Nurse educators teach in a variety of settings, from the hospital to outpatient facilities, as well in educational sites such as colleges and universities. The author contacted R.H., for a knowledgeable discussion on the role of the faculty member and how to prepare for the role.
R.H. revealed she obtained her MSN in 1994 from Cal State Dominguez Hills and her doctorate in 2011. R.H. states, “my first official teaching position began at University of Phoenix (UOP) in 1997.” In 2004 she held the Lead Faculty position, and then the Department Chair nominated her in 2010 for Lead Faculty Area Chair for the College of Health Professions for Research and Scholarship Committee (R.H., personal communication, April 23, 2015). R.H. states, “I was initially recruited for the West campus at Four-D College in 2012.” Then she was recruited as director of nursing for the entire program in 2014.
She mentioned in her current roll as

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