Internet Communication as a Tool for Qualitative Research

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Research Method 1

Running head: Research Problem and Method Paper

Internet Communication as a Tool for Qualitative Research
Research Problem and Method Paper

While calloborating on the research community, the World Wide Web has opened a different perspective and provides access for data collection. The Internet user can now engage in research on a world-wide, " low cost, almost instantaneous scale - and in ways which potentially overcome some of the barriers imposed by more conventional research approaches." However, this idealistic view some what obscures both methodological and ethical difficulties that have become apparent throughout this research. When difficulties such as this particular argument being left unchecked, they may serve to undermine the use of the Internet as a tool for social research. The primary aim of this paper is to expose these difficulties and thus provide a different scope of the discourse in which the Internet surrounds.

Research Method 2

Research Problem and Method Paper

In a popular chatroom space of an online community, one member decided to use a program in which controlled the text-based actions of two females present in the room. "He then proceeded to write acts of violation involving these women, while they were powerless to do anything except turn off their computers, except their online characters continued to be violated online in front of many other people." This particular event had serious repercussions for the women violated and the community in general. The primary aim of this paper is to contribute to the debates concerning women and their use of the Internet as a tool used to engage in unwanted activities displayed across the world wide web.

Background, theoretical approach and arguments:

My research focus emerged from an exploration of the diverse feminist debates concerning the development of assisted reproductive technologies. In the latest part 1990, Norwegian scholar Anne Ryen used the Internet to conduct a long term and long distance case study of an Asian businessman in Tanzania. Moreover, she began by simply using the Internet as a tool for a better extended reach. Some how Ryen ended up also realizing how the Internet influenced her professional and personal relationship with the participant at that time (2002). Another example that is currently being displayed was the Camille Johnson analyzation in which totaling almost 600 web pages promoting anorexia as a lifestyle rather than a disease. Camille contends that this particular network of pro-anorexia relies on Internet technologies to Research Method 3

build and reproduce their ideologies. Quote, "The conduct was done through cutting and pasting images and common texts, such as the "Thin Commandments," these women are actively constructing a global yet anonymous community, which appears to provide solidarity and helps to justify their choice to be anorexic." I argue the fact that this research should seriously be done under some evaluation, while taking everything into consideration."As Rose (1987) has argued, the rise of the feminist movement has been characterized, in part, by a concern with a woman's right not to have children - an issue which has assumed far greater importance than the fight to ensure women can."

Defining the Internet:

Many people use the Internet in many different ways. However, it is seemingly a straightforward way. There are...

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