intellectual development

Topics: Learning, Infant, Emotion Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Age range Description of the stage Impact on other aspects of development 0-3 months Babies use their senses to figure things out New born babies explore using their senses. They can distinguish their own mother’s breast milk just by smell. They remember sounds of their mother’s voice from when they were in the womb, effectively comforting them when she is around. 3-6 months Babies recognise main carers An emotional bond is formed which can only get better. The baby will be crying less as they will be happier and their needs are already being met 6-9 months At this age, babies enjoy playing simple games and show interest in simple toys Games such as pat a cake will be played, this will help develop their social skills and develop stronger bonds 9-12 months Babies will begin to explore objects using their hands as well as their mouths They are using their hands and mouth to figure out shapes and texture. This will lead to greater motor skills as they progress 1-2 years Around 18 months old a child will be able to recognise their own name and know when they are being called A child is now starting to hold down some form of communication. Their speech will be improving and vocabulary will be increasing 2-4 years A child can point to a familiar object and name it By this age a child knows around 200 words and will be able to communicate well using structured sentences 4-7 years During this time concentration is greatly improved and they are able to concentrate on an activity for a prolonged amount of time Children can concentrate on finer details when drawing or writing. They will be able to express themselves through art and will enjoy drawing pictures for other people 7-12 years Children are able to read by themselves and are able to construct short stories unaided This is a big self-esteem boost for children as they will be praised highly for learning to read well. They will be eager to learn longer and harder words 12-16 years Exams start at school. Increased...
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