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Topics: Management, Time, Project management Pages: 4 (1445 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Part 4 Individual Report
Part A
In a team, responsibility is divided among each member equally according to expertise and time available. The biggest responsibility, of course, rests with the team leader. A team always allows you to perform well in the area which you have expertise. A good team always creates faithfulness in its members. The strength of the team is that the team involves every person, on his expertise and responsibilities which allows the work of the team flows efficiently. Furthermore, the group increases the accuracy of problem solving for example, issue which arises could be solved rapidly. No one is left out as the tasks have been assigned to each member fairly. This raises no issue within the team which develops a synergy environment within the team. This leads to the maximum output at a limited period of time. The team members are helpful because they would try to assist and ease the burden of the team. The team is cheerful and strict at the same time as everyone would try to have fun while trying to complete each task during this project week.

Part B
As for the weakness, punctuality is an issue within the team. This occurs due to lack of efficient time management as a result the meeting was delayed and ended later than expected. However, the team managed to keep the meeting brief and simple which eventually saves a bit of the time spend. For example, the first meeting was set at 8.00am but the meeting only started at 8.30am due to traffic congestion and weather severity. Efficiency in terms of keeping with the schedule assigned is one of the team weaknesses. This relates to a slight lack of time management and the proper planning of using the time to complete each task. However, the team has managed successfully to complete the task within the time frame given due to the cooperation and teamwork within the team.

Part C
The qualities of leadership in my team is demonstrated where effective listening to one another which our...
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