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The Yellow Group has been task with completing a project in 10 weeks. Team members are in different cities and time zones throughout the US and will never meet in person. They needs to complete the following within the first four weeks, a project topic week one, a project outline week two, a project template week three and a project plan week four. This essay describes how the team handled tasks that were required for each week deliverable and the various technology tools used.

During week one deliverable our team was dysfunctional. Team members don’t know one another very well, don’t talk to one another, and certainly don’t listen to one another very well (Herding Chickens). (2005, p. 3).To overcome this we setup a chat sessions the following Saturday to discuss selecting a Topic plan. After an hour of chatting a topic was selected and submitted. The following day a team member review the topic and decided changes were needed in the wording of the topic. We met our deliverable for week one but had to make three additional revision to the topic plan.

For week 2, 3 and 4 deliverable our team was communicative. Team had evolved, its members know how to talk to each other more importantly, and they knew to listen (Herding Chickens). (2005, p. 3). A Virtual team (VT) is a team in disparate locations that rarely if ever meets, but works with all the finesse of an on-site team than meet every day (Herding Chickens). (2005, p. 35). A number of studies have looked at how students use specific computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools or types of tools. Benson and Hewitt (1998) showed that students found the collaborative experience provided by CMC tools beneficial. Students in a study conducted by Wilson and Whitlock (1998) rated their CMC environment highly and considered it more useful than the telephone for interacting with tutors.

Been a virtual team we decided to use various...
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