Integrated Marketing Communication Project on Reliance Jewels

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Company Overview:
Reliance started its first branded jewelry retail outlet in Bangalore in Nov 2007. Reliance Jewels – the Jewellery format of Reliance Retail is currently focusing on competitive pricing to make a presence in the segment. The company, which claims to have a lower price tag compared to its competitors, plans to double its store count to 56 by the end of the year 2012.Having entered organized jewellery retailing in 2007, Reliance Jewels has 28 stores across the country including Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Ludhiana, Jamsedhpur and Cuttack.

Company Objective:
The objective is to improve the perception of Reliance Jewels in the minds of the customers and hence enhance the Brand Image of the company. As of now Reliance Jewels does not have a very good perception in the minds of the customers. They are more focused on giving heavy discounts to the customers, which does not make people think well about the brand. Jewels are luxury product and people are not very excited to purchase it by the sales promotion strategy. So in order to gain the acceptance amongst the customers the company has to come up with strategies that will help improving its brand image and hence establishing itself in the market. One strategy might be that the brand can host a “Jewelry Show” where it can display the will be able to attract some of the eminent personality from the fashion industry, more customers

Target Audience:
The characteristics of the target customers for Reliance Jewels are: Geographic Demographic Socio-economic : : : Bangalore Age : 25 years and above Marital Status: Married women Education : Graduate and above degree Occupation: Housewives & working professionals Income: 3,00,000 p.a & above. Personality: Gregarious, Ambitious VALS: Actualizers, achievers, experiencers



PR Objective:
The objective is to inform and improve the perception of Reliance Jewels in the minds of the customers and hence enhance the Brand Image of the company.

Execution Technique:
The Company will call for a press conference to announce the details for the Jewellery show and will formally invite the Publics to come and make their presence felt. The key message is to reposition the brand in the minds of the customers by educating them that Reliance Jewels delivers “Quality ornaments with the latest designs (ethnic & modern) which can be customized as per the requirements of the individual customers.”

Big Selling Idea:
The major selling idea is to enhance the brand image for the company and distinctly position the brand in the heart and minds of the customers. For this, we have tried to make the customers feel special and be a person whom others can look up to. They will have unique and latest designs by the company and hence will be more socially acceptable. To achieve this Reliance Jewels will use the theme: “Come be Bejeweled like Never before!!”

Advertisement Objective:
The advertisement objective is to educate the target customers and the other “PUBLICS” about the Jewellery show that is organized by exclusively Reliance Jewels. The ad is in the form of an “Invitation” for the customer which encourages them to visit the show that is organized by Reliance Jewels.

Bollywood Actor “Kajol” is invited to inaugurate the show. Jewelry is soul for a lady, it not only defines herself but also explore her beauty. In the case of any married women her jewelry is like part of her life. We have chosen Kajol as our source because she is married and a famous face among the general people. Her credibility is huge because of her family based movies and she is a super star of this generation. Another factor that influences us to choose Kajol is her trustworthiness. "Think Kajol, think emotions”. She is the firebrand & the emotional sensitive types, and most women can easily relate themselves to her in some of famous...
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