Case Tokyo Jane

Topics: Marketing, Luxury good, Positioning Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Q1: How do Grut & Pfiffer define Tokyo Jane positioning, what does TJ brand stand for?

The founders of Tokyo Jane want to offer affordable luxury product to their consumer. Grut and Pfiffer has a very vivid idea of how the brand and the product would look like in the mind of consumers, however they could not able to depicts the idea to their employee. Tokyo Jane would want to offer good quality and fashionable jewelry as in the high-end fashion display, yet accessible for their consumers. “Luxury for Less” has become their slogan and it shows what they represent in the market. But, this slogan seems does not fit to all stakeholders, especially to their employees who seen this slogan to be confusing. On-trend jewelry, fashionable and high-end chic.

Who is the Tokyo Jane target consumer?
Women with Disposable income

Q2: Why are the TJ designer and sales/supply chain manager having trouble working with the TJ brand? Miscommunication between the founder and the employees.
The founder has a clear image of how the brand would be in the market, since the very first time they were talking about the business in the rooftop in Shanghai. But, they were not communicating this idea to their employee. The designer did not get support team around her. Since the first time TJ outsourced almost everything so they did not provide everything that needed by the designer, simply they were not ready yet.

What are the issues/problems with the TJ brand and positioning? The founder himself even get confused with their position, where are their current position in the market compared to their competitor. The product life cycle getting shorter. Business model at first were focusing on the volume, but they are shifting to the quality management.

What are the factors/circumstances that lead to this problem? Their business model could not follow the fast changing trend in the market and their fast move to enter new market and expand the business....
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