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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the Institute of medicine report (IOM) and its impact on the future of nursing, nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in healthcare industry today, there have been ongoing changes to the way we practice, and to keep up with these changes we need to educate nurses and prepare them to meet the present and future demands of healthcare. The report proposes that nurses are best positioned to fill such new and expanded roles in a redesigned healthcare system and states that…nursing education….”must better prepare them to deliver patient‐centered, equitable, safe, high‐quality health care services.” Nurses must “engage with physicians and others” to deliver care and “assume leadership roles in the redesign…” of the system. (The Forum of state 2010).The Institute of medicine report talks about different aspects of nursing, but this paper will focus on Nursing practice, Nursing education and Nursing leadership.

Development of nursing: Impact of report on future of nursing. In the institute of medicine report it was discussed that nurses should be able to practice to their full ability based on their training and education, (Transforming practice ),nursing education should be improved, nurses should be able to achieve higher level of academic and clinical training to respond to increasing demands, ( Transforming education ),Nurses should work along with other health care professionals and be responsible for their own contributions in delivering quality health care to patients,( Transforming leadership ).

Impact of report on Nursing Education.
The report recommended that nurses should have higher levels of training and education, because patients’ needs have changed, they have become more complex, competencies must be in place so that nurses can deliver quality care to patients, the report also places importance on five core competencies which are, patient centered care, working with...

Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2011) 3 Transforming Practice
(85-162) 4 Transforming Education (163-220), 5 Transforming Leadership (221-254)
What Does the IOM Report on Nursing Mean to Each State, the Forum of State Nursing?
Workforce Centers (10-15-10) http://www.nursingworkforcecenters,org
Impact of IOM Report on Nursing (PDF file)
The Impact of Informatics on Nursing Education (PDF file)
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