Topics: Mobile phone, Project management, Innovation Pages: 11 (3569 words) Published: March 23, 2014
 12/14/2012 JOHN Doe Innovations of Lucent VoIP Technologies-Final Course Project TM583

1.0 Strategy (TCO F)2
Organization name:2
Strategy Statement2
2.0 Core Competencies (TCO C)3
3.0 Industry Dynamics (TCO A)5
4.0 Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation (TCO D)6
5.0 Product Development Strategy (TCO E)8
5.1 Define the primary types of projects (advanced vs. sustaining).8
5.2 Determine the resources and time requirements.8
5.3 Identify existing resources.8
5.4 Adjust the plan if more resources are required.9
5.5 Determine the mix of project types required to achieve the objectives.9
5.6 Estimate the number of projects that can be done to provide the desired mix without over committing resources.9
5.7 Create and define projects.9
6.0 Strategy to protect innovations (TCO B)10
7.0 References11

1.0 Strategy (TCO F)
* Organization name: Lucent VoIP Technologies

* Strategy Statement: To develop innovative remote full featured telephone systems utilizing the Digital PBX and VoIP for professional businesses chassis technology and software that helps the medium to Large business more efficient and less time consuming and increases their profitability. This technologies integrates telephony and Network switching, the savings of one platform. Our Vision - Definition of future success

To enrich people's lives by transforming the way the world communicates. Our Mission - Purpose and path to realize the vision
To use our unique capabilities to ensure that our customers thrive, our business grows and we enrich the personal communications experience for people around the world. Our Values - System of shared beliefs within the company

Customers First: We exist to serve our customers. Our success will be determined by how well we perform for our customers. Innovation: We are intuitive, curious, inventive, practical and bold, which allows us to create new ideas for our customers, our business and employees. These ideas come from anywhere throughout our global operations. Teamwork: Success requires teamwork. We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the team's success. Respect: We are a global company with many cultures. We respect and embrace people and perspectives from all over the world. Accountability: We do what we say we will do. We own a collective responsibility towards customers, colleagues, communities and shareholders. .

2.0 Core Competencies (TCO C)
Lucent provides remote VOIP technology on network chassis to improve quality and flexibility with remote office systems owners to monitor call quality performance and network as well as wireless phone technology The core competencies for Lucent are a unique remote monitoring systems and software developed around their own PBX design that is utilized with most software application. The need to have a strong VOIP PBX for many years for some to monitoring system and since Vocal Tec had already developed a form of VoIP Technology application it had been proven to be a worthy and practical technology innovation. The understanding of Vocal Tec usage humble beginnings as followed the history...

References: Authors: Melissa A. Schilling, New York University
Publishers: McGraw Hill Irwin, a business unit of the McGraw Hill Companies Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, NY , 10020
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