Hardware Replacement Project: It/205

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Assignment: 1
Hardware Replacement Project:

Hardware Replacement Project:
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Assignment: 2

The IT- department in implementing a new CRM solution to its corporate offices. The hardware currently in use is out of date and will not support the CRM application. The hardware must replace prior to deployment.

How do the five major variables of project management-scope, time, cost, quality, and risk – relate to this scenario? Scope: Defines what work is or is not included in a project. For example, the scope of a Project for a new order processing system might include new modules for inputting orders And transmitting them to production and accounting but not any changes to related accounts Receivable, manufacturing, distribution, or inventory control systems. Project management Defines all the work required to complete a project successfully, and should ensure that the Scopes of a project not expand beyond what was originally intended. Time: Time is the amount of time required to complete the project. Project management Typically establishes the amount of time required to complete major components of a Project. Each of these components is further broken down into activities and tasks. Project Management tries to determine the time required to complete each task and establish a Schedule for completing the work.

Cost: Is based on the time to complete a project multiplied by the daily cost of human Resources required completing the project. Information systems project costs also include The cost of hardware, software, and work space. Project management develops a budget for The project and monitors ongoing project expenses.

Risk: Refers to potential problems that would threaten the success of a project. These Potential problems might prevent a project from achieving its objectives by increasing time And cost, lowering the quality of project outputs, or preventing the project from being Completed altogether. We discuss the...
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