Innocent Smoothies

Topics: Brand, Environment, Strategic management Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: January 9, 2012
i. Executive Summary
This report is aimed to examine and analyse the opportunities in the market for the ‘innocent’ brand. The research draws attention to .... the report evaluates and concludes....
it is recommended that ....

ii. Introduction
Innocent Ltd. is a fresh business that has been exceptionally successful in creating wholesome and natural smoothies. The company has appeared in the Sunday Times for four consecutive years in the ‘Fast Track 100’, a list of the fastest growing privates companies in the UK. The company has aimed to place itself on the side of the consumer as supporting green issues and responsible business practices and this has evidently proved to be in favour with the company’s brand image which has resulted to its success. On the other hand, it has faced criticism from cynics who argue that the company’s ethical position is a facade as they have sold a 20% stake to Coca-Cola which led to thousands of dissatisfied and betrayed customers who previously supported the company’s initial brand values. This has led to ‘White, Harte and Laine,’ a specialist in strategy and market development, who have conducted this report that will be researching and analysing the opportunities in the market for the ‘innocent brand’. This report will define what a ‘market driven organisation’ is and discuss how it compares to ‘innocent’ whilst addressing their customer relationships. It will also outline the trends in the macro environment by looking at the political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal factors which created the opportunity for ‘innocent’ to initially build its firm position in the smoothie market. An analysis of the company’s main opportunities and threats over the next five years will be highlighted through a SWOT analysis. The report will additionally adapt Porters Five Forces analysis to the smoothie industry and finally, recommendations will be made about possible business strategies that ‘innocent’...
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