Analysis of Mini

Topics: Marketing, Brand, BMW Pages: 16 (5398 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Part A
Current situation analysis5
SWOT Analysis5
Marketing mix6
Competitor Analysis9
Targeting segmentation analysis9
External analysis10
Part B12
Introduction of digital market12
Approaches of digital marketing and the relevant benefits12 Part C16
Definition of brand16
How to create the strong brand value16
Part D19
Introduction of ethics19
The ethical marketing of Mini20


This report will talk about the MINI brand and the way that it becomes to a successful brand depends on its marketing strategy. There are four parts in this report. First part is about the total analysis of MINI’s current marketing strategy. Then, Companies that make the deep strategic, organizational, and operational shifts required to become effective digital marketers can be more agile and productive, while also accelerating revenue growth (David, 2010). MINI takes place taking the digital marketing and get benefits from such the approaches. Next, Brand value is the premium that accrues to a brand from customers who wants to pay extra for it, (Albert, 2009). In this report I will explain how MINI creates the brand value for customers. Final part is about the ethical values. (Robert, 2009) p1016 believe that “ethical value plays an very important role in the business”. In this report, the examples will used to explain why so many companies put much emphasis on conducting their business. The vision of the company is to match the emotional power of the original mythic model with the technology of the future (McCartie, 2011). Moreover, the mission of the company is that MINI will be the best premium car seller when the customer considers the MINI products and its value.(McCartie, 2011)

Current situation analysis

SWOT Analysis

(Guide to Management Ideas, 2003) p218 states that “SWOT is handy mnemonic to help planners think about corporate strategy. It stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats”. As follow the SWOT analysis of MINI will be shown:

|Strengths |Weaknesses | |Perception of the brand is good |Price limited: more expensive than other small vehicle. | |Large variety of products |Dealership is narrow | |Strict parameters of the skills and resources |Size of the car is small | |High experience and technology skill | | |Strong database system | | |Opportunities |Threats | |Raise of social media: Facebook, Twitters and MINI Space |Competitors: Audi A1 Hatchback | |The products’ design and quality of competitors are not good |Outside perception of MINI brand: expensive, high maintenance | |The sponsorship of 2012 Olympic Games will increase the reputation| |

Marketing mix

According to McDonald (2007) and Kotler and Armstrong (2006, p15), “the marketing mix is blending between tactical operations and marketing tools control, which is likely to identify and analyze customers’ need in order for them to decide to purchase products from”. Due to a product’s perception can match the demand of a customer’s expectations with affordable prices, value and convenience. As a result, it would lead to customers’ satisfaction. 1) Product

McDonald, M (2007, p15) suggests that “consumers’...
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