Swot Analysis Corona

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Swot Analysis: Coronoa

The SWOT analysis is an extremely useful tool for understanding and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business and organizations. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The SWOT analysis headings provide a good framework for reviewing strategy, position and direction of a company or business proposition, or any other idea. Use SWOT analysis for business planning, strategic planning, competitor evaluation, marketing, business and product development and research reports

Short presentation of Corona
In 2007, Corona was Mexico’s best selling beer, the top selling imported beer in the US and the world’s fourth best selling beer. Grupo Modelo, creator and owner of Corona, is propelled into the elite class of being among the top ten beer producers in the world. Grupo Modelo is a large brewery in Mexico. It has 63% of the Mexican beer market, and exports beer to international. Modelo is into the ranks of the world’s top 5 brewers and surpassed Heineken when it became the US’s market leader in 1997. Corona SWOT Analysis


Mexico’s largest beer productions & distribution
Corona 4th best selling
Leader in Mexico and use of the direct distribution
Market leader – No 1 selling import beer in Us
Movelo has a different agreement with its distributors; it is the best solution to deal with the international beer market (very clustered) - Distributors absorb taxes without passing of consumers Strong brand image

Brillant & unique marketing campaign (« Fun and Sun »)

Lack of partner in us
Missing opportunities with merging with other brewing companies product positioning makes the product an occasional drink not a frequent drink in the minds of the consumer Opportunities
Movelo has a great proximity to the world’s largest economy; the US market. Countries like German fond of beer China largest beer market after 2003 In the Us market,...
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