San Miguel

Topics: Corporation, San Miguel Corporation, Southeast Asia Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Title of the Company: San Miguel Corporation
Time Context: 2001
Summary/Abstract: One of the most popular and well-known brands of beer in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia, San Miguel, has been brewing beer for well over one hundred years. The company’s brewing business produces such well-known and popular brands as San Miguel Pale and Red Horse. The company also owns Ginebra San Miguel distillers, San Miguel Pure Foods, and San Miguel Packaging. The company has a vertically integrated structure in the food and agriculture industry, ranging from breeding, to canning, to retail branding.

San Miguel Corporation began as La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel in 1890, operating in Manila under a royal charter from Spain. The company incorporated in 1913, and in the 1960s changed its name to San Miguel Corporation (SMC). Early in the company’s existence it began a process of backwards vertical integration in which it acquired barley fields and later expanded into other agricultural products. The company eventually expanded into soft drinks, spirits, and packaging operations. San Miguel has the distinction of being the first foreign bottler of Coca-Cola, acquiring the franchise in 1927. Today the company is the largest food and beverage business in the Philippines, as well as all of Southeast Asia. The company operates over 100 facilities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, and Australia. San Miguel Corporation (SMC) earns most of its revenue in the Philippines, and most of its revenue is generated in its food and beverage industries.

Vision: SMC’s fundamental and historical philosophy — Profit with Honor

Mission: San Miguel Foundation, Inc. is committed to the empowerment of San Miguel host communities and various stakeholders by harnessing corporate social responsibility among the various San Miguel businesses in pursuing mutually beneficial programs that lead to self-reliance and sustainability.

I. Objective: To develop export...
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