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Topics: English language, Facebook, Writing Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Kevin Kunila
Instructor: Anne-Ly Eskla
Tallinn English College
5 Nov 2014

“Recent advances in technology are ruining the English language.”

Nowadays, technology is developing and evolving at a rapid rate. The advancement in technology has affected almost everything in today’s society. Technology has opened up many new ways of communication not just in the English-speaking world, with these new ways people are communicating with one another, language has also evolved in unknown or modern words. Recent developments in technology and the use of modern technology can be imperative and constructive, but it may also lead to negative aspects in human language and expressive skills, so to the English language as a whole.

To begin with, social media enables us to communicate with a much larger number of people on a global scale in a way that people only used to be able to do on a local level. This is great when it means we’re keeping friendships alive over great distances, but it is also increasing the demands placed on an individual to keep a much larger number of relationships going simultaneously. For example, the average number of friends a person has on Facebook in the UK is around 300 – even if they are actually real friends with only 10% of that number, that is still 30 friends to communicate with.[4] The result of that is an ever-increasing speed of communication. Facebook lets you communicate quickly, effectively and, most importantly, efficiently because the correspondence is concise and shared between all the friends connected to, meaning one only needs to write them once. On Twitter there is a 140 character limit, one is quite literally forced to make the statement brief. The use of acronyms (an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word) are now common substitutes to sentences. For example, LOL (Laughing out loud), OMG (Oh my God), TTYL (talk to you later).[5] These are just a few, that demonstrate...

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