Information Technology

Topics: Decision support system, Supply chain management, Decision theory Pages: 18 (4224 words) Published: January 10, 2012
1. What does it mean to live in the "digital age"? 
B. Living, working, learning, and playing in a digital world

2. Why do we consider technology invasive? 
B. Technology is so pervasive that we believe we cannot live without it

3. How long did it take for iPod to penetrate a market audience of 50 million people?  B. 3 years

4. What percentage of today's Fortune 500 companies are technology companies?  B. 10%

5. What is the difference between how you would purchase technology compared to the way businesses purchase technology?  A. Your purchase is based upon money availability; businesses' are based upon competitive advantage  

6. If you wanted to ensure that your business maintains a desirable return on your investment with technology, what should be one of your main concerns?  A. Your technology helps streamline costs without sacrificing quality  

7. If you wanted to ensure that your business maintains a competitive edge, what should be one of your main concerns when purchasing technology?  D. The new technology enables you to be innovative and move into new markets  

8. Which question does not support a business' efforts to support and maintain a competitive edge?  C. Can this technology make the company look better?

9. Should a business' decisions about its technology drive its business strategy?  D. No, business strategy should drive decisions about its technology

10. When a business is analyzing its technology needs, it should follow a series of steps. Which of the following is not one of these steps?  C. Determine the type of technology that employees are comfortable working with

11. What should you understand first when analyzing the technology needs of your business?  A. The industry in which your business operates
12. After you understand your competition and its affect on your industry, what should you do next?  C. Align your strategies, processes, and technology with your understanding of your industry  
13. Which of the following deals with the planning for, development, management, and use of information technology?  B. Management information systems
14. Management information systems (MIS) focuses on which of the following?  B. Tasks related to information processing and management
15. Which of the following is not a key resource of MIS? 
D. Methods
16. Which of the following is the least important resource within MIS?  B. Technology
17. Which of the following statements successfully differentiates the term MIS from IT?  C. IT is a component of MIS 
18. Which of the following deals with the planning for, development, management, and use of information technology?  B. Management information systems 
19. What coordinates and uses three organizational resources; information, people, and IT?  A. MIS

1. What is the name of the non-paid, non-employee business model of collaboration used by Goldcorp a Toronto-based gold mining company in Canada?  D. Crowdsourcing
2. What is a distribution chain? 
C. The path a product or service follows from its originator to the consumer  
3. In contemporary business, success depends on minimizing the _____ in an attempt to reduce the costs of producing and selling products or services.  C. Distribution chain??????
4. Which of the following activities tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies?  A. Supply chain management (SCM)
5. Which of the following is a method for producing or delivering a product or service just at the time the customer wants it?  B. Just-in-time manufacturing
6. Which term describes an approach that produces or delivers a product or service just at the time the customer wants it?  A. Just-in-time
7. If you were to purchase a car before it was manufactured and the assembly of that car was dictated by your requirements, you would be utilizing which type of manufacturing process?  A. Customer-driven manufacturing

B. Just-in-time manufacturing...
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