Information System and Information Technology

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1. How can information systems and technologies help to achieve the six strategic business objectives mentioned in the textbook? Illustrate your answer with an example for each objective.

Firstly by using information systems and technologies, the outcome of successful grade of efficiency and productivity, and better information management are able to help on achieving operational excellence. Like before online or phone orders were being placed in a large warehouse which contains uncountable items, but now items which are labeled with numbers/codes and information are directly placed to the right containers for transport by machinery. Secondly, IS and IT are kind of tools for firms to produce new products, services and business models. For example, the 56k modem was the most popular method for using internet but it has then declined and replaced by others like Cable, as better IS and IT had developed. Thirdly, suppliers and customers are able to get closer by using IS and IT, they also help on improving problem solving capabilities and realizing of customer needs. Social media helps companies on customers and suppliers intimacy, they may create online spaces to encourage customers to give feedbacks and respond on activities/events held and their products. Fourthly, managers no longer make important decisions by relying on guesses or luck since IS and IT had developed. Real-time information provides those trustworthy data in order to organize, control and decide immediately. Companies are able to collect latest data more frequently and make decisions by setting up a network which links for example a central database to retail outlets. For competitive advantage, IS and IT help companies to invent new products to fight with competitors, to discover useful information and they also provide reliable and security in order to ensure the stable of a business. Company could take action like creating a new product line that might able to gain back its market share to...
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