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Article Review Guidelines (IMS504)
1. Read slides for 13 Data warehouse and chapter 14 Database Connectivity & Web Technology. 2. Choose related article from either topic chapter 13 or chapter 14 from database online (access through PTAR Website). Requirement for selected article are: a. Must general discussion on related topic. Not need to be too technical paper selected. b. Currency of the article selected must around 5 year recently. c. Avoid the product discussion article review, blueprint article and any related to it. d. Articles must be around 5-10 pages only.

3. Make a critical review on 2 -5 pages (depends your articles no of pages) with 1.5 paragraph spacing. 4. Other criteria for submitting assignment is necessary, such as layout , TOC, Pages Number, Front page, references and others and describe further details below. Content of the Review :

All reviews should (1) identify the work and the author, (2) include a summary of the work, and (3) include an evaluation. A review may include some or all of the following: 1. An abstract, summary, or synopsis to summarize the essential contents and main ideas. This section is usually more detailed in a review than in a critique or critical review; 2. A statement or thorough discussion of the author's thesis (main underlying idea), purpose, and methods of development;  3. A brief biographical sketch of the intellectual life of the author, linking the work under discussion to the author's other works;  4. A discussion of the relationship between the work being reviewed and other works in the field;  5. Your evaluation of the work, clearly presented and well-supported;  6. Selected short quotations from the work that are representative of the theme, tone, and style. Organization:

Introduction/Thesis Paragraph
1. Include one or more general statements that give a quick indication of the work's contents and your reaction to it. 2. Include...
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