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Topics: Writing, Linguistics, Writer, Creative writing, President of the United States, Dyslexia / Pages: 3 (619 words) / Published: Mar 20th, 2013
Stephanie Nalini Heraman
Tuesday, March 12,2013
Spring 1 2013 ENG099-0722
7:00AM-9:00AM Building E Room 147
Homework #2
Models For Writers Textbook Pages 172-180
Questions For Study and Discussion 1. What exactly does Zinsser mean by "clutter" (1)? How does he believe we can free ourselves of clutter? 2. Identify the main idea in each of the thirteen paragraphs. How is each paragraph related to Zinsser's topic and purpose ? 3. In what ways do paragraphs 4-6 serve to illustrate the main idea of paragraph 3? (Glossary: Illustration) 4. In paragraph 11, Zinsser says that writers must constantly ask themselves some questions. What are these questions, and why are they important? 5. How do Zinsser's first and lasts paragraphs serve to introduce and conclude his essay?(Glossary: Beginnings and Endings) 6. What is the relationship between thinking and writing for Zinsser?

Answers For Study and Discussion

1) Clutter is the disease of American writing according to Zinsser. He believes we can free ourselves of clutter by clear thinking becomes clear writing; one can't exist without the other. It's impossible for a muddy thinker to write good English. 2) A) Clutter is the disease of American Writing. B) The sentence is to simple, there must be something wrong with it . C) The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components') I would have preferred the presidential approach taken by Franklin D Roosevelt when he tried to convert into English his own Governments memos, such as this blackout order of 1942. E) Open Walden to any page and you will find a man saying in a plain and orderly way what is on his mind. F)How can the rest of us achieve such enviable freedom from clutter ? G) Who is this elusive creature, the reader? H) The carelessness can take any number of forms. I) Readers are at first tenacious. I) The clear writer is someone clearheaded enough to see this stuff for what it

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