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Introduction is needed when you meet new people or are in the new place. It could help you to know the other people and make a conversation. It will also help you to make a good relationship just by introducing yourselves. The problem, how to make a good introduction? How to make the addressee interested to make conversation?

A. Varieties of Introductions
There are two varieties of introductions. They are formal and informal introductions. Both of that varieties are needed in introduction self or other people. It depends on the situation and addressee. When the addressee is older, educated, or have higher status, you should use the formal introduction. Besides, the informal introduction is used when the addressee is your age or younger than you. For example, when you meeting a president of a university, it is advisable to say, “How do you do?” rather than “How ya doing?” Likewise, someone, who is your age or younger would probably say, “It’s nice to meet you” rather than “How do you do?” Here are the other examples of introducing yourself:

Formal Introduction
Informal Introduction
Let me introduce myself.
I am glad for this opportunity to introduce myself.
I just wanted to introduce myself,
I don't believe we've met before,
I don't think we've actually met formally yet,
My name is...
Hi, I’m…
Hello guys, I’m…

Here are the examples of introducing someone else:
Formal Introduction
Informal Introduction
I would like to introduce you to ....., the president of Muhammadiyah University. Mr. Jones, may I introduce my boss, ...
Allow me to introduce my colleague. This is ....

Hi, Ann. Have you met ....?
I’d like you to meet my friend ...
This is my friend ...
Sara, meet Brian, my niece. Brian this is my friend, Sara.

From those examples above, it could be conclude that the formal introduction always uses the longer sentence in introducing. Besides,...
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