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1. Follow the steps to find a collaboration partner.
2. Create five questions in French to ask a partner. The questions should include asking your partner his or her name and questions about his or her likes and dislikes. 3. Use the collaboration tool to find a course partner (contact your instructor if you need help). 4. Exchange questions in French with your partner.

5. Answer your partner's questions via telephone, email, or instant message. 6. You are required to submit the following items in assignment 05.05 Segment One Collaboration in writing. a. The questions you asked your collaboration partner.

b. Your responses to the questions your collaboration partner asked. c. The Collaboration Assessment Guide.
Collaboration Assessment Guide
Please complete and submit this four part guide with the collaboration option that you have chosen. 1. Collaboration Description: Describe the lesson or task you completed collaboratively in a paragraph consisting of five or more sentences. 2. Peer and Self Evaluation: Rate each member of the team, including yourself, on each of the performance criteria below. Use the rating scale of three equals above average, two equals average, and one equals below average. Listened to others

Showed respect for others' opinions
Completed assigned duties
Participated in discussions
Attended meetings
Stayed on task
Offered relevant information
Completed work adequately
Completed work on time (with no reminders)
Offered appropriate feedback when necessary
3. Self—Reflection: Respond to the following questions in two to three sentences each. What did you enjoy most about working with others on this collaboration option? Explain your answer. How did your team deal with conflict? Explain your answer.

Do you feel others were happy with your participation in this collaboration option? Explain your answer. What will you do differently, if anything, in your next collaboration option? Explain your answer. Do you have...
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