Reflective Activity 8

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Reflective Activity 8 – Motivation/Satisfaction

It is your retirement party, and people are giving speeches about you. What types of comments would make you the most satisfied about your life’s work (give at least four specific comments)? How would you be personally feeling if they said this?

1. I love my family, I want to hear comment that says family comes first, every time even I were working I always think about my family first.

2. Challenge. Some times I love challenge. I probably did something different.

3. Collaboration. I love working with others, but I love to hear they are happy working with me.

4. Achievement. Doing work that yields results.

I will feel happy, because it is my retirement party which means I don’t need back to work, I want to be a good example of my all friend, I want to be happy in that day and all my rest of life. So, I think it is very important to say the good view.

Choose an activity that you do often. What specifically motivates you to do that activity?

I use Internet video chat everyday with my parents. Because I am a foreigner in United States, my parents need to know what I am doing and if I am in safe, they hear a lot shootings or terrible weather in news, they worried me a lot. However, I know they miss me a lot, the video chat is the simplest way they can see me everyday.

Choose an activity that you stopped doing. What specifically “demotivated” you from doing that activity?

I stopped looking for deodorizer distillate oil that is by-product from soybean oil in United States. I was looking for this DD oil in USA and ship it back to China; there are about $100 per ton’s revenue. I found over 50 factories are producing soybean oil, so I called them one by one. However, U.S. Is a maturity market, most of factories have long-tern contract over 10 years, and other factories have there producing line, they don’t sell to others, and the rest of factories’ quality is too low. So...
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