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Topics: Advertising, Health care, Exchange, Partnership, Deception / Pages: 7 (1201 words) / Published: Mar 29th, 2015
6.1 Advertising—The Right Turns Work File

Your 6.1 Advertising –The Right Turns assignment can be completed two ways.
Synchronous Assignment
Contact your instructor to learn about synchronous opportunities that will allow you to interact with your classmates online, in real-time, using Web 2.0 tools. If you choose to participate in the synchronous assignment opportunity, your instructor will explain what you need to submit for grading.

Asynchronous Assignment
You also have the opportunity to participate in an asynchronous assignment with one of your classmates through an email discussion. To participate in this assignment, use the email feature of the course to send a message to your classmates to find a partner. Once you have found someone to work with, you and your partner will communicate back and forth to analyze advertisements.

Assignment Product
You and your partner will use health information, products and services as a basis for your discussion.
Discuss the four items you identified during your online search.
Share specific details about ad techniques, ad claims, reliability, risks, benefits and your opinion of FTC action that reveal key details of your search.
Using the details you have discussed from your search, work with your partner to develop a brief summary of two specific products, including if they are a health scam or valid products, and if they should continue to be available to consumers.

Part 1: Collaborative Partnership
Your partner’s name: Steve Huang
Your partner’s email address: jhuangsteven@gmail.com
Date you began the collaboration: 2/25/2015
Date you completed the collaboration:
Describe the task you completed collaboratively in a paragraph consisting of three or more sentences.
After looking through the two sites, my partner Steve and I went online and searched for several ads for products that were required in the assignment. Then we discussed and analyzed the packaging strategies they used to attract consumers and whether

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