Inf340 Week1 Assignment

Topics: Supply and demand, Hamburger, Customer service Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Week2 assignment

Prepared by: Xavier Florez

Prepared for: Instructor: Robin Jones

INF340: Business System Analysis (BQJ1304A)

February 4th, 2013

This paper, “ Hoosier Burger Case: part 2” will continue to be about the company Hoosier Burger and explain more about the project that was chosen and how it was identified. I also am to identify the projects scope for the Hoosier Burger and talk about the six feasibility factors talked about in the chapter we studied.

Hoosier Burger : case 2
The owners of the Hoosier Burger identified their project by all the issues they were having with the restaurant. Some of the issues they were struggling with here things like point of sales and customer service as far as how long people were waiting to get their food. Inventory control was also a concern because when you are in the restaurant business knowing what you have in stock and ready to use if very important. Supply and demand is one of the oldest lessons every business person must learn. The speed of the customers getting their good was also a concert because people usually don’t mind waiting at five-star restaurants for food but when it comes to burgers people want to get their order in and their food back as quickly as possible. The current system that was in place was not enough to support the growing company and the demand that the food was getting. The scope of the project was to plan and implement a point of sale system that will help with inventory and speed of food going out to customers. Rules would be made as to what was acceptable as a number in the inventory. For example, when the number of hamburger patties gets too low the project in place would alert the manager so that more patties could be ordered to keep supply up and ready for the demand.

(Valacich, J., George, J., Hoffer, J., 2009, pg. 28).

References: (Valacich, J., George, J., Hoffer, J., 2009, pg. 28).
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