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(Maasin branch)

This case study describes a corporation called Jollibee Foods Corporation which specializes in the management oh the foods that they serve to the customer. The Corporation provides a total service satisfaction to customers who wish to buy their delicious food. One of the surest ways to keep customers coming is through consistency in the delivery of FSC---- Quality Food: Fast, Friendly and Delightful Service and Sparkling clean Stores. Listed below is a data recorded at the Jollibee Maasin Branch to support the day to day operation and management of the Jollibee Foods Corporation.


The Jollibee Maasin Branch has a manager responsible for overseeing the operations of the stores. The Jollibee Foods Corporation closely follows the performance of its managers. Each employee is given a time card number. Information held on each employee includes the name, station, position, salary, gender, date of birth, address and contact number.


The Jollibee Maasin Branch has products to buy which are identified by a product number. The details of the products includes the product name, holding time, cooking time, serving temperature, shelf life, oil used and equipment used.


The Jollibee Maasin Branch has many value meals to select and it has a Corresponding value meal number. The value meals includes the calling code, serving choices, beverages, deserts, and the cost per order to which the customer wants for dine-in or take-out. The assigned employee in the counter area must suggest selling to the customer so that they will buy more value meals.


Salaries of the employees are deposit in the Allied Bank. The bank is the one who issued an ATM card to each employee. Once they have that card they are capable of withdrawn their salary in the bank. Each employee is uniquely identified by an account number and account name. Additional information on employees includes their salary and the date of each employee joined the corporation. INITIAL ENTRIES

Table of the EMPLOYEES

Table of the ALLIED BANK

Table of the PRODUCTS

Table of the VALUE MEALS



1. Retrieve all rows
List of all details of all employees

FROM employees;

2. Retrieve specific columns, all rows
Produce a list of equipments for all employees showing only the products number, products name, oil used and equipments details.

SELECT Pnu, Pname, Poil, Pequip
FROM products;

3. Use DISTINCT (eliminate duplicates)
List the account number that handles the salary of the employees

FROM a_bank;

4. Calculated fields
Produce a list of all employees showing the time card number, names, and their rate per day

SELECT Etcnu, Ename, Esalary/15 AS rate
FROM employees;

5. Row selection (WHERE Clause)
Produce a list of all value meals showing only the value meal number, desert and cost

a. Comparison search condition

SELECT Vnu, Vdsert, Vcost
FROM va_meals
WHERE Vcost>300;

b. Compound comparison search condition
List the details of all employees located in Combado St.Maasin City OR Tagnipa St. Maasin city'

FROM employees
WHERE Eadd='Combado St.Maasin City' OR Eadd='Tagnipa St. Maasin city';

c. Range search condition (BETWEEN/NOT BETWEEN)
List all value meal details with a cost between 75 and 300

FROM va_meals...
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