Industrial Conflict

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Industrial conflict refers to all expressions of dissatisfaction within the employment relationship, especially those pertaining to the employment contract, and effort bargain. There are different kinds of industrial conflict which may be divided into two broad classes namely informal and formal.

An industrial conflict or dispute is defined as a withdrawal from work by a group of employees, or a refusal by an employer to allow workers to work.

Causes of industrial conflict include wage demands, working conditions, management policy, political goals and social issues.

The level of wage and salaries is often the major cause of disputes between an employee and employer. It also refers to a demand by employees for an increase in their wage rate or changes to the way in which their wages are calculated or determined. As well, wage demands may relate to pay rates may need to be adjusted to compensate employees in times of inflationary pressures and interest rates. Employees are more likely seek wage increases to maintain their standards of living.

Disputes often arise over issues of working conditions and safety at the workplace. Include disputes concerning issues such as leave entitlements, pensions, compensation, hours of work. Employers will need to monitor physical working conditions and provide adequate clothing and equipment, first aid facilities, quality working equipment and amenities such as lunch room, change rooms and toilet facilities. Employees will take action if there is a risk to either their or others health and safety.

Disputes are often the result of inadequate consultation by management with their employees. Disputes over changes that management wishes to implement will often cause industrial conflict. Matters include terms and conditions of employment, new awards and agreements, award restructuring, outsourcing and technology acquisitions and structural change.

Political goals and social issues refers to non-industrial...
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