Mhc 601

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Law Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: February 25, 2013
2.1. Industrial relations system and processes
Industrial Relation is a relation of employer and employees and also covers the relationship between employees and employees and employees and trade unions and the “process by which people and their organizations interact at the places of work to establish the terms and conditions of employment” – Industrial dispute Act 1947. In fact, objectives of industrial relation in today are:

1. To safeguard the interest of labor and management who are participate in the process of production is being securing the highest level of mutual understanding and goodwill among all those sections in the industry. 2. To avoid industrial conflict or strife and develop harmonious relations, which are an essential factor in the productivity of workers and the industrial progress of a country. To eliminate, as far as is possible and practicable, strikes, lockouts and gathers by providing reasonable wages, improved living and working conditions, said fringe benefits. 3. To raise productivity to a higher level in an era of full employment by lessening the tendency to high turnover and frequency absenteeism. 4. To establish and nurse the growth of an Industrial Democracy based on labor partnership in the sharing of profits and of managerial decisions, so that ban individuals personality may grow its full stature for the benefit of the industry and of the country as well. 5. To establish government control of such plants and units which are running at a loss or in which productions has to be regulated in the public interest. In fact the subsidy is to provide for stable of the productions. It is necessary for mankind.

The Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) is a specific example of Industrial relations institution, which plays an important role in employment in Australia. The AIRC step up the rules and regulations to provide strict guidelines for employers and employees to follow. The purpose of these regulations is to keep...
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