Individual: Information Use Paper

Topics: Communication, Money, Physician Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Individual: Information Use Paper
Barry Allen
Wally West

Within an organization information is like a network of ideas, opinions, facts, or technology used for discussions or structure in the company. If there wasn’t proper communication or a proper way to convey this information, the organization would most likely come to a halt and eventually shut down. Information is key to the development of any company. We can look at this information as data so we can learn about the different areas within a company. With this we can expand and improve on areas which needed improvement or change. Information flows from person to person or passed down from management to staff. This allows for things to run smoothly and creates a structure. Information is there to control how an organization runs. If you think about it, information can be portrayed in many different organizations in multiple ways and concepts such as, political, education, psychological, ethical, or economic to name a few. Within my place of work, information is extremely important and portrayed in many different ways. I work for a Medical Billing Company. We have multiple clients in which we bill for. We are constantly in contact with the practices to ensure we get the correct patient information as well as billing information to send to the carriers. We also make sure we follow up with these carriers to ensure they are processing all claims accordingly. We then receive the monies for the practice and post them to each patients account accordingly. In order for this process to run effectively, information and structuring that information is key. We have multiple department each with its own manager that work with each other to make the process go well. The department are as follows, Charge Entry, Clerical, Posting, Finance, and Follow Up. If these departments did not have the correct information from the beginning there would be errors along the way. Let me give...
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