Individual Differences in Second Language Learning

Topics: Second language acquisition, Language acquisition, Linguistics Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: March 18, 2014

Individual differences in second language Learning
Individual differences and defined characteristics upon members of every academic campus have greatly attracted the attentions of many researchers a long the history of education; however, due to the point of our discussion regarding individual differences in second language acquisition, this paper will briefly response on how this trait affects standards of acquisition in acquiring a second language. In Agreement with Lightbown and Spata (2010), Students acquire a second language with different levels of proficiency. This contrast, which has brought up many questions, is due to the inseparable relationship between students and the language they want to learn (Lightbown & Spata 2010). It is not surprising that students, who learned a second language with high levels of proficiency, have gotten enough time to practice the language in native communities; however, the ones who failed to success this quality, were lucking such opportunities. In addition, there are some intrinsic differences that are the main concern of many linguists in field of learning and language acquisition. Some students are personally characterized to be more intelligent, while others are motivated to develop a good sufficiency toward language learning. Besides, researchers believe that age is a factor that affects the process of learning in all types of students. Considering all the differences about language learners, researchers point out how successful predictions have been made for each group of students in learning of a second language. Furthermore, they are searching to find reasonable ways that better suits with different characteristics of different students along the course of language acquisition. Many researches have demonstrated to examine how characteristics such as inborn intelligence, motivation, personality, age, and intellectual ability affect the behavioral aptitudes of different students in field of...
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